Acoustic or electric guitar

When: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and/or Saturday 10.00-16.00.
Length: 6 to 8 months.
Costs: bold on electric  €1795,- ; set neck electric or acoustic €1995,- ; arch-top guitar €2195,- (all ex. materials).
Result: Your own handbuild guitar!

This course teaches you how to build your own acoustic or electric guitar from scratch. Learn all the aspects of the guitar you would like to build. This course takes 6 hours a week for about 6 to 8 montch (depending on the guitar). The result is you going home with your own (designed) handbuild guitar.


10 weeks intensive guitarmaking course

When: Monday till Friday from 10.00-16:00.
Length: 10 weeks in a row.
Price: €5495,- (including materials).

This course is the perfect combination between acoustic and electric guitar construction and repairs.
You build at least two instruments, one bold on electric guitar and a steel string acoustic guitar. For both instruments it is possible to build an existing model but the guitars can also be designed by yourself.
Furthermore, many repairs are covered and there will be different lectures held on all aspects of guitar construction.
Materials for the two instruments are included in the course fee.

Accommodation: I will be happy to help you finding the right accommodation. This can be at a host family as well as a bed and breakfast, hotel or appartment. In the summer months camping at one of the nearby campgrounds is also an option.

Dates in 2020/2021:

5 October – 11 December 2020

8 February – 16 April 2021

24 May – 30 July 2021

11 October – 17 December 2021


3 weeks fundamental acoustic or electric guitar building course.

When: 3 weeks in a row (monday-friday, with the weekend off)
Costs: bold on electric  €1795,- ; set neck electric or acoustic €1995,- ; arch-top guitar €2195,- (all ex. materials).

Spent 15 days in our workshop an build your own acoustic or electric guitar.
We have several different guitar shapes you can choose from (oo, om, dreadnought, or small jumbo, telecaster, les paul, archtop or strat etc.) and get yourself into the beautiful craft of guitar making. You learn every aspect involved in guitarmaking, from sanding and bending the sides untill the final set-up. After 3 weeks you leave with your finished hand build guitar. We do spray a protecting layer of lacquer or oil on the guitar so it is protected but if you want a full lacquered guitar you can choose to do it yourself at home or arrange us to spray it for you.

The 3 weeks course used to be a 2 weeks course, but we noticed that a lot of students would like to work on a bit more relax tempo. But if you still like to do a 2 weeks course instead, for instance because of the length of your holiday, this is no problem. The 2 weeks course takes 6 days a week, Monday until Saturday with the Sunday off.

The course price is not including the materials. Please contact us so we can discuss materials for your guitar and the prices that come with it.

Dates in 2020/2021 (3 weeks):

23 November – 11 December 2020

11 January – 29 January 2021

3 May – 21 May 2021

13 September t/m 1 October 2021

Frank and two students.

Assemble your own tele or strat -style guitar

When: Thursday and Friday from 10.00-17.00.
Length: 2 days.
Cost: €1195,- (including materials).

This 2 days course is designed so that you leave after 2 days with your own tele or strat style guitar.
It consists of 2 days of instruction including lectures, discussions and hands on assembly of your own electric kit guitar. You choose from 2 different body styles (strat or tele) and choose the colour up forehand, as well as the material of the fretboard (maple neck with maple fretboard or maple neck with rosewood fretboard).
This course was created for the guitar enthusiast or luthier in training who likes to have first hand experience in assembling an electric guitar.
You work on the neck and frets, wire all the electronics, learn how to shape a nut, end assemble an electric fender style guitar that you take home after 2 days.

The bodies are made from alder and the colours you can choose from are:

For the tele:
Surf green
Vintage with
2 tone or 3 tone sunburst
3 tone sunburst with double binding

For the strat:
Fiesta red
Wine red
Lace placid blue
Sonic blue
Surf green
Vintage white
2 tone or 3 tone sunburst.

Dates in 2020/2021:

17 + 18 December 2020

22 + 23 April 2021

8 + 9 September 2021


Guitar set up and electronic course

When: Friday from 10.00-16.00.
Length: 1 day
Costs: €200,-
Result: Learn how to maintain and set up acoustic and electric guitars. Bring your own acoustic and electric guitar and learn how to professionally set them up. Learn about stringing your guitar, nut and sadle height, different truss rod options and how they work, and everything else you would like to learn about how to set up and maintain your guitars. In the afternoon Ben Koole from ‘the Soundfixer’ is joining us to tell you all about the electronics of the electric guitar.

Dates in 2021:

26 February 2021

25 June 2021

dates 2021 on request.


Afstel en reparatie cursus

Wanneer:  Maandag t/m donderdag van 10.00 tot 16.00 uur.
Duur: 4 dagen.
Kosten: €695,-

Have you always wanted to know how to perfectly set-up your guitar? Super low action without fret buzz? Or would you like to learn how to fix the most common guitar problems by yourself? Then this is the course you have been waiting for! In this 4 day course, all aspects of being a guitar repairer will be teached! After following the course, you will be able to set up your guitar and you will be able to repair it yourself if something is broken. Maybe you even start to become a guitar repairer yourself at a local music shop or help out your friends with their guitar troubles. On day one, you work on the neck. You do a full re-fret, including cutting the frets to the right size, hammer in the frets, flatten out the frets and do a complete fretdress. On the second day of the course, you learn everything about electronics. We learn you how to wind a pick-up by yourselve! This pick-up will be hand-wounded by you and put in a bath of wax. We place the pick-up in a guitar to test it. On the third day you continue the electronics. We connect the pick-up and learn about soldering everything together. After this, we set up a guitar to perfection. We learn about truss rods and playing height.On the last day you learn how to make a nut and saddle fitting to an acoustic guitar. On this day you also get the chance to question all other problems and bring your own guitar to set it up together. This course costs €695,- including VAT. and materials. You can take home your own hand wounded pick-up. 
It is possible to combine this course with one of the other courses. Please contact us for more info!
Dates in 2021:
26 – april 2021 (Kingsday 1 day off)
23 – 26 augustus 2021


All courses  have a max of 4 people. The day courses don’t have set dates wich means you can start when you like as long as there is a free space. For the other courses I have set dates. If you would like to do one of the courses but can’t make these dates please let me know and I’m sure we can work a way around it. To sign up for a course please send me an e-mail and I will get back to you soon.