Our Models

At the moment, we build 3 different acoustic guitar models at ‘de Haan Guitars’ ZAB_7721, which are the ‘River model’, the ‘Rio Grande’ and the ‘OO model’. Beside these models, we also build any other model on request, which we can adapt completely to the wishes of the costumer. If you are interested in having an electric guitar built, we’d like to refer you to Stoney Creek guitars, our electric guitar brand. Stoney Creek also provides 4 own designed models (‘Turmaline, Flint, Rochelle en Zircon’) as well as models on request. 



Model Rio grande.
The Rio Grande is the small jumbo inspired model by ‘de Haan Guitars’. With it’s elegant shoulders, it is a visually very attractive guitar. Because we like to compose the specs of the  guitar in cooperation with the customer, all the specs as the kind of wood used, hardware, finish etc. are all open for discussion. In this way we can also achieve the sound you are looking for. This goes for all the guitars we build. The sound, playability and details are of our highest concerns. We can ensure you that your guitar will be build with utmost precision and attention for details.
Gitaren Frank-0007
Model River.
The River model is comparable with one of the most populair of guitar models: the ‘OM’. We designed the lines a bit more round, which makes it a very good looking guitar. This model is available with, as well as without, a cut-away. Just like all our guitars, you can decide what kind of wood, tuners and finish we use. In this way we are also able to control the sound of the guitar. 



Model OO.

The OO model is a small guitar which we build in a steal string version or a crossover version. This means the guitar has nylon strings , but feels and plays like a steel string guitar. A compact guitar with a big sound and perfect playability!

Apart from these 3 models which we dare to call ‘own designs’ , we also build every other model. For example a ‘dreadnougt’ or ‘parlor’ model but also customers designs are welcome.

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