“In april 2014, I did the ‘built your own Telecaster’ course, in which I learned a lot. Remarkable is the fact that, under supervision and with the expertise of Frank de Haan, you can build the Telecaster all by yourself in a relaxed manner. The end result is stunning. A great sounding Tele from high-end quality. A month after finishing this Tele, I started the course for building an acoustic guitar. This course takes a little longer, because you literally start with 6 pieces of wood and a little bar. An awesome experience to see how the soundingbox and neck get in their shapes. The use of materials and tools from the highest quality, contributes to create a perfect guitar. So far, this course does take place in a relaxed way as well. Everything is open for discussion and with new facets every day, you won’t get bored for a minute. Just a few more days finishing the neck, lacquering some parts and assembling, in good trust the end result will be marvelling. It may sound a bit cliché but this is really how I feel about the courses. Frank, keep up the good work!”
Frank Howldar
IMG_5696“At the 24th and 25th of October, I did the workshop under supervision of Frank. A great course, in a relaxed ambience and as a result a Telecaster of fine quality to take home. What else would you want? Frank picked some nice pieces of maple and other high quality materials! I really enjoyed the building process and besides, there was plenty of time to have a chat. Where else can you enjoy yourself with 2 days of guitars without boring others? The guitar sounds outstanding, with a good balance on all positions of the neck. I did also learn a lot about setting up my guitar. Long story short, I highl
recommend you to spend a day or 2 in Alkmaar!”
Hans van Eekelen
”The nice thing about this guitar building course of Frank de Haan is the relaxed manner,35058150_1767625386607306_5792405646590607360_n
the amount of accompaniment and the fact that you can learn from an experienced craftsman. You can design the guitar completely to your wishes, use all kinds of tools and templates, can exchange ideas with other students, watch them create their guitars and you are surrounded by other guitar fanatics. After finishing each day, I couldn’t hardly wait for the next day to continue building my guitar. That’s why I loved the fact that the course consists of 12 days in a row, and afterwards you can take home your own special handcrafted guitar!”
Gerrit Hiddink