About Frank de Haan

“I built my first guitar in the barn of my parents’ house. I made an electric guitar from a piece of wood, that although was handmade wasn’t really a collecters item. I kept building guitars this way for about five years, untill I decided to take it to the next level and so I took lessons from renowned guitarbuilders in the UK and the USA. What followed was an apprenticeship at the Galloup School of Guitarmaking in Michigan, USA.In 2009 I was hired as a guitarbuilder by Patrick James Eggle Guitars in Oswestry, UK, where I made guitars for artists like Frank Turner, Dave Hill and Gareth Pearson. Through the years and with all my experience I know how a guitar should be built properly, how to make nuts and sadles and how to dress frets but also how the energy of a piece of wood can effect the sound of a guitar. My goal is to share this knowledge at my own school of guitarmaking with everyone, just like me 15 years ago, has a fascinating and love for guitars and would like to build their own instrument.”

“Frank de Haan worked at the Patrick James Eggle workshops in Shropshire, England from the end of 2009 till the beginning of 2013. Frank was responsible for most of our neck production, including hand carving, inlays, fretting, sanding and fitting to the body.He also worked extensively on final trim and preparation for the spray booth. During this time, Frank’s work was of consistent high quality. Along with working on our individual client’s requirements, he was also involved in the production of guitars for artists such as Jake Bugg, Frank Turner and Benji Kirkpatrick. We were very sorry to see Frank leave England, however we wish him much luck in his future career as a Luthier and with his own workshop in Netherlands.”

Stoney Creek Guitars

In 2017 Frank de Haan founded a second brand called ‘Stoney Creek guitars’ in collaboration with Ruben van der Kleij. This brand new brand with international ambitions, produces 5 different models: the Rochelle, Turmaline, Flint, Zircon and Boulder (bass). Stoney Creek Guitars stands for an honest hand built guitar. We have decided to work old school and make everything by hand which, apart from the fact that every guitar gets extra special attention, is great fun to do. Our guitars stand out by their amazing playability, use of special kinds of wood and authenticity. Each guitar is one of a kind and has been worked on with great craftsmanship and precision for detail. And we do also provide the opportunity to design you own guitar! Stoney Creek guitars: Sophisticated hand built guitars for any guitar player who fancies something different.