Repair course

When: Monday till thursday from 9.15 untill 16.30
Length: 4 days.
Costs: €695,-

Have you always wanted to know how to perfectly set-up your guitar? Super low action without fret buzz? Or would you like to learn how to fix the most common guitar problems by yourself? Then this is the course you have been waiting for! In this 4 day course, all aspects of being a guitar repairer will be teached! After following the course, you will be able to set up your guitar and you will be able to repair it yourself if something is broken. Maybe you even start to become a guitar repairer yourself at a local music shop or help out your friends with their guitar troubles. On day one, you work on the neck. You do a full re-fret, including cutting the frets to the right size, hammer in the frets, flatten out the frets and do a complete fretdress. On the second day of the course, you learn everything about electronics. We learn you how to wind a pick-up by yourselve! This pick-up will be hand-wounded by you and put in a bath of wax. We place the pick-up in a guitar to test it. On the third day you continue the electronics. We connect the pick-up and learn about soldering everything together. After this, we set up a guitar to perfection. We learn about truss rods and playing height.On the last day you learn how to make a nut and saddle fitting to an acoustic guitar. On this day you also get the chance to question all other problems and bring your own guitar to set it up together. This course costs €695,- including VAT. and materials. You can take home your own hand wounded pick-up. It is possible to combine this course with one of the other courses. Please contact us for more info!

Dates in 2023/2024:
20 - 23 November 2023
8 January -11 January 2024
25 March - 28 March 2024
8 July - 11 July 2024
11 November - 14 November 2024

2 weeks fundamental electric guitar building course.

When: 2 weeks in a row (with the weekend off)
Length: Monday till friday from 9.15 untill 16.30
Costs: bold on flat top electric €1573,- (ex. materials).

Come to our workshop for 2 weeks and build your own electric guitar. You can choose between a Telecaster or a Stratocaster, or every other electric guitar model that has a bold on neck and a flat top. Making a thinline is also one of the possibilities.
We guide you through the whole building process step by step and provide our students with a complete program. The following subjects will be discussed:

- Wood selection
- Glueing of the bodyblank
- Sawing, routing and sanding of the body
- Routing pick-upholes and neckpocket
- Binding (optional)
- Scale length
- Headstock design
- Trussrod channel routing
- Sawing fretslots
- Fretmarkers
- Fretboard radiussing
- Fretting
- Neck shaping
- Inlays
- Laquering (the guitar is getting a matt finish)

Don't worry if some of the subjects above dazzle you, our guidance in combination with the manual we provide you will make everything clear and you will go home with a professional representative handbuild guitar to be proud of!

Prices are excluding the costs for materials. Please contact us to discuss the different possibilities concerning the prices and materials. If you have wood or hardware you'd like to bring yourself, this is also possible.

Dates in2023/2024 (2 weeks)
11 September - 22 September 2023
27 November - 8 December 2023
15 January - 26 January 2024
15 April - 26 April 2024
15 July- 26 July 2024
18 November - 29 November 2024

3 weeks acoustic guitarbuilding course.

When: 3 weeks from 9.15 untill 16.30 uur. (monday - friday, weekend of)
Costs: €2095,- (excluding materials)

Come to our workshop for 3 weeks and build your own acoustic guitars by hand. You can choose between some popular guitar models like the 'OM' or 'Dreadnought', but other non-cutaway models are also possible in this inspiring course. From sanding untill bending the sides and from stringing your guitar untill setting up your guitar, it's all done by yourself and after 3 weeks you leave the workshop with a professional representative handbuild guitar. We guide you step by step through the building process and provide you with a complete program. The following subjects will be discussed:

- Wood selection
- Bookmatch
- Glueing top and back
- Making braces
- Rozet making and inlay
- Top voicingtechnics
- Bending the sides
- Radiussing
- Binding
- Scale length
- Headstock design
- Routing trussrod channel
- Sawing fretslots
- Fretmarkers
- Fretboard radiussing
- Fretting
- Sawing neck angle
- Neck shaping
- Inlays
- Laquering

If the above subjects dazzle you, don't worry! Our personal guidance and manual will make sure you will go home with a handcrafted guitar to be proud of!

Prices are excluding the costs for the materials. Please contact us to discuss prices and the selection of wood and hardware. If you' like to bring your own materials, that won't be any problem.

Data in 2023/2024 (3 weeks):
25 September - 13 October 2023
4 December - 22 December 2023
29 January - 16 February 2024
2 December - 20 Decemberr 2024

6 weeks intensive guitarbuilding course

When: monday untill friday from 9.15 - 16.30.
Length: 6 weeks
Costs: €4363,- (excluding materials).

This course is the perfect combination between acoustic guitarmaking, electric guitar making and repairs. The course is a combination between the 3 week acoustic guitarmaking course, 2 weeks electric guitarmaking course and repair course. We summarised the different subjects below, but if you want more information, have a look at the seperate courses above.

In the first week we focus on repairs, set-up and electronics. There are different lectures about the basic principles in guitar electronics, winding a pick-up, making a nut and saddle and other repairs.On thursday we assemble a telecaster or stratocaster. It is possible to purchase this assembled guitar after finishing the course.

Using the new knowledge you gained, we will start building the electric guitar. We build the complete guitar 'from scratch'. This time we won't be using a kit, but we really start with rough planks of wood. You can choose between a stratocaster or a telecaster, or any other electric guitarmodel with a flat top/back and a bold on neck. From routing and sawing the body untill fretting the guitar and soldering the electronics, everything is done by yourself, ofcourse under our professional supervision.

Having finished your first electric build lays a good fundament for woodworkingtechnics. This will come out handy in our next project, the 3 weeks acoustic guitarmaking course. In this course we do also start from scratch. You can choose between different non cut-away models from for instance Martin or Taylor. We use oil or nitrocellulose laquer (gloss top, satin sides, neck and back) as a finish.
After finishing the course, you'll go home with a bolt-on flat top electric guitar, acoustic guitar, handwound pick-up, optional an assembled tele/strat model, basic knowledge in guitars, repairs, set-up and electronics.

Enige houtbewerkingservaring is prettig, maar geen vereiste voor het volgen van deze cursus.

Data in 2023/2024:
5 September - 13 October 2023
13 November - 22 December 2023
8 January - 16 February 2024
11 November - 20 December 2024

Acoustic or electric guitarmaking 1 day a week.

When: Wednesday, Thursday or Friday from 9.15 untill 16.30 uur.
Length: +/- 20 days.
Costs: electric with bolt-on neck and flat top €1573,- ; Acoustic with set neck €2095,- (excluding materials).

This course learns you how to make yur own acoustic or electric guitar. From sanding and glueing the wood untill setting up the strings, you do everything by yourself under our professional supervision.This will result in a professional handbuild guitar made from the best materials. Wood selection and hardware are very personal, which is why these are not standard included in the course. Ofcourse we are willing to help you pick the best materials and order them for you. To give you an indication of the costs; an acoustic guitar with a spruce top, rosewood sides and back, ebony fretboard and bridge and a good set of tuners would cost around €350,- in total. Ofcourse there are lot's of other possibilities and we'd love to discuss the differences with you.

Assemble your own Telecaster or Stratocaster

When: Thursday and friday from 9.15 untill 16.30h.
Length: 2 days.
Costs: €1295,- (including material).

In this course, you assemble your own telecaster or stratocaster. You learn how to setup your guitar, how the body/neck construction works, installing electronics, making and installing a graphtech or bone nut. All materials are made from the best qualities, and after two days you go home with your own handmade guitar. The bodies (alder) en necks are laquered and you get to choose between a maple neck with a maple or rosewood fretboard. There are different colours possible for the body of the guitar. Please contact us for the possibilities.

The pickguard comes in different colour options. The hardware we use comes standard in chrome, but can be upgraded to gold hardware.

Dates in 2023:
24 en 25 oktober 2023
Dates 2024 on request!

Guitar set up and electronic course

When: Friday from 9.15-16.30.
Length: 1 day
Costs: €200,-
Result: Learn how to maintain and set up acoustic and electric guitars. Bring your own acoustic and electric guitar and learn how to professionally set them up. Learn about stringing your guitar, nut and sadle height, different truss rod options and how they work, and everything else you would like to learn about how to set up and maintain your guitars. In the afternoon Ben Koole from ‘the Soundfixer’ is joining us to tell you all about the electronics of the electric guitar.

Dates in 2023/2024:
10th of november 2023
22th of March 2024
5th of July 2024
8th of November2024

In general

All courses have a max of 4 people. The day courses don’t have set dates wich means you can start when you like as long as there is a free space. For the other courses I have set dates. If you would like to do one of the courses but can’t make these dates please let me know and I’m sure we can work a way around it. To sign up for a course please send me an e-mail and I will get back to you soon.