At the moment we build 2 different acoustic guitar models at ‘de Haan Guitars’ ; the ‘Gypsy model’ and the ‘Bouzouki model’. Ofcourse we do also build different models on request, which we can completely build to the wishes of the costumer. If you’d like to have an electric guitar build for you, we’d recommend you to go to the website of Stoney Creek guitars, our electric guitar company. Stoney Creek guitars also builds both their own models (‘Turmaline, Rochelle, Sapphire, Ruby‘) as models on request. Model Gypsy.

Model Gypsy

We have built our gypsy model in a batch of 3. The size of the instrument was inspired by an OM model, with a cutaway inspired by the old Selmer Maccaferri guitar. Beside the fact that we like the design of this cutaway, it also has it’s practical reasons to reach higher notes and to reach the symbiosis between a ‘regular’ steelstring acoustic guitar and a gypsy guitar. The open headstock we used on the model was also inspired by the old Maccaferri. We think the merge worked out quite well! The guitar has a beautiful high, with a sharp attack, but works as well beautifully as a rhythmguitar in a rhythm section, because it let’s the low end frequencies ring nice and warm. Ofcourse the wood species used on the instrument have a big influence on the sound. Therefor we’d recommend you to come by our shop to check the 3 different guitars yourself.

Model Bouzouki

We didn’t have much experience yet when the first ‘Bouzouki’ can in for a repair. The customer had some problems with the intonation and action of the instrument. The sound though inspired us to give ourselves a shot in trying to make one ourselves, which became a big succes! Because of the innovative bridge design with a moveable saddle, the intonation and action problem was solved. The bouzouki has a wonderful open sound because of it’s tuning and 4 double strings. The sound and tuning are perfect for opening up new songwriting ideas.Besides these 2 models which we call our own, we can build you any guitar model with every wood specie. For more info, please contact us.